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Hycabletray Products    

We offer cable trays in Two-side rail system in a variety of materials and finishes. The cable trays are fabricated in mild steel and also can be provided in pre-galvanized steel, hot dip galvanized and painted with grey color enamel or powder coated as per the requirement.

The cable trays can be ordered as per the project specifications accordingly we can provide our offer.We also manufacture accessories such as clamps, connecting pieces, slotted angles for support and installation of cables over the cable trays.

Types of Cable Tray
Perforated Type
Ladder type / Ducts
Cable Ducts/Angle Ladder
Solid Bottom Tray

Perforated Cable Tray
Light duty
Medium duty
Heavy duty

T Clamp, Coupler Plate, Joint Fitting, Cross Strap, Side Angle Joint Fitting, Spring Nut, L Clamp, Gusset Fitting, Shoulder Fitting, Angular Plate, Floor Plate RD, Floor Plate LD, Lattice Plate.

Call us for more details and pricing.

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Hyplast Disposable Plastic Products    

We manufacture and export a wide array of Disposable Food Containers, which includes disposable cups, pet salad containers, transparent jars, meal trays, bowls, sandwich boxes, icecream tubs, fruit clamshell, fastfood bowls etc.

These disposable containers are manufactured from optimum quality Polypropelene and Polystyrene. These products offered by us are food grade and safe for use for the catering and hospitality industries. These products can be made to order for custom size and colours with designs printed on them.

Our rates are the most competitive in the industry.

Hyfire Fire Safety Systems    

Our range of Fire Safety Systems consists of various models ideal for use against Class 'A' fire involving materials such as wood, paper, textile and class risks.

1. Water CO2 Fire extinguishers
2. Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguishers
3. ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
4. ABC Modular Automatic Fire Extinguishers
5. Hydrant systems

HyRise Elevators    
We offer Goods Lifts to suit just about any application. Our customized approach to design and manufacture helps ensure Goods Lifts that fit and work in any environment and space. We can also provide a joint client design facility Moreover, we are able to meet short delivery periods.
Hytone Pad Printers    
We have on our repertoire a wide range of automatic pad printers..right from one to eight colors, rotary table to vertical conveyor.... The range covers a spectrum of closed ink cup printers to those with an open ink well.
- Double color printing, shuttle driven by pneumatic system.
- Microprocessor control, easy and convenient operation.
- Automatic 5-digit counter installed.
- With aluminum alloy frame, the machine is light and sturdy. Convenient ink loading, ink roller install and cleaning.
- The speed and the vertical stroke of the plastic heads can be adjusted independently.
- Ink blade can be automatically balanced, ensures a perfect ink scraping.
The extra function "twice inking, once printing" is designed for thicker ink film.
- For different requirements, the working speed can be adjusted.
HyTherm Boilers    
At Hyphen Exports you can source a wide range of Boilers, viz. Thermic Fluid Heaters, Hot air Generator, Hot water Boiler, Coal fired thermic fluid heater, Steam Boiler etc...
Features: Strong & simple constructions. Materials & workmanship of highest standard. Large area & heating surface to ensure the utmost possible transfer of heat.
All parts of the systems readily accessible for repair, replacement & cleaning.
HyPower Electricals    
Hyphen Exports offers interesting and original electrical accessories to help you take care of your electrical accessories needs. Here, you'll find what you are looking for, whether it is electric supplies, electric boxes, electric panels or electric parts.

Our specialties
1. H.T. Cables 2. Heating Cables 3. Slip Rings
4. Carbon Brushes
5. Motors 6. Pumps and Blowers

Also see Hycabletray above

Hylite Glassware    
At Hyphen Exports, we offer you the finest laboratory glassware made from Borosilicate glass. These withstand thermal shock & chemical attack better than most other kinds and is the material of choice for use in many chemistry applications. We also have calibrating instruments to suit your lab needs.
HyTech Machines    
We have the expertise in providing various machines across the globe and in providing complete solutions under one roof. We are solution providers and exporters of all types of packaging and sealing related machines for food and beverages and other applications, along with bottle filling machines, bottle capping machines, liquid filling machines, domestic and industrial molds.
Our specialty lies in providing Plastic Processing Machines like Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Thermoforming Machines etc.
Accessories for the above machines:
1. Moulds 2. Grinders 3. Agglomerators etc
HyClean Air and Gas Filters    
Our technical expertise and in-depth experience will help you in selecting the right type of filtration equipment/system for your processing. Large capacity filtration plants with different stages like pre-filtration, solids recovery, filtrate recovery etc. can be custom-designed and offered on a total turnkey basis.

1. High Efficiency Coalescers 2. Air Sterilization Filters 3. Air Intake Filters
4. Liquid Filters a. Depth Filteration b. Cleanable/Regenerable range of Filter Cartridges c. Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridges d. Sterile Membrane Filter Cartridges





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